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Feeling frustrated and exhausted from navigating ​everything alone, operating in survival mode, and ​maintaining unhealthy connections with others and ​yourself, aren't you? Despite performing well some ​things still don't quite align. Bold Coaching provides ​you a safe space to think, dream, feel , and focus on ​yourself.

Empowering Career-Driven Women ​for Personal Growth and Relational ​Success!

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our ​mission

authentic & compassionate

At Bold Coaching, our mission is to empower ​women to embrace their inner strengths. ​cultivate self-awareness and awaken their ​spiritual authority.

Through personalized coaching and ​transformative experiences, we guide ​women on a journey of self-discovery, ​healing, and growth.


our services

1:1 Private coaching

Individualized Guidance: During our call, I will provide you with ​personalized guidance tailored to your specific needs and goals. ​Together, we will explore your unique situation and develop strategies ​to overcome any obstacles in your path. $100/hour

Group coaching

Live 90-minute sessions bi-weekly for 6 months. Includes modules, mini ​teachings, exercises, and group calls with a maximum of 15 women. ​Bonus 30-minute one-on-one sessions available.

$199/month. 6 months of Online Group Immersion I Starts April 25, ​2024.

masterclass; quantum leap

Men and women will undergo a transformative journey to unlock their ​potential for personal and professional growth in the masterclass.



The journey towards achieving wholeness is ​incredibly meaningful to us. We delve into ​emotional, mental, and spiritual growth to ​reveal your genuine capabilities and ​embrace an authentic life. In just a few ​months, your life will undergo a ​transformative change.

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relationship questions

Whether you are in the dating, ​engaged, or married phase, these ​questions serve as a means to foster ​emotional intimacy and connection ​between you and your partner.

self-worth workshop

Your self-worth and value originate ​internally.It’s about the thoughts we ​choose to believe about ourselves ​and the way we perceive our own ​worthiness.


Our courses offer a personalized ​journey tailored specifically for you, ​enabling your growth and ​development at your own pace.

green flags

Green flags serve as pivotal ​indicators to prioritize while ​cultivating lasting relational ​connections.

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public speaking

Collaborations and community are ​essential to building lasting ​relationships. I partner with schools, ​organizations, churches, and ​businesses to offer life-changing ​strategies and solutions to any size ​crowd.

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your ​coach

Tekoa serves as a catalyst for ​transformation, holding certification ​as a life coach with a specialization in ​improving relationships to foster ​increased cooperation, minimized ​conflict, and more profound intimate ​connections.

Tekoa, the visionary behind ​Bold Coaching, carefully ​crafts tailored solutions to ​meet your individual needs, ​drawing upon her expertise ​and distinctive talents.

Explore our coaching services to take the first step toward ​fulfillment and wholeness. You will discover that you have the ​capacity to create. Give Bold Coaching 3-6 months and you will ​be unrecognizable!

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